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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gun Safety using Google Maps

I don't need to talk about Gun safety to get the readers to agree that we need to do something about the increasing number of accidents involving guns that are killing so many innocent folks. Biden and Obama like so many other politicains are trying to come up with ways to help the situation. NRA and so many others are concerned about the right to own guns. They are justified in their views. There is a solution that works for everyone. All law abiding citizens can own their guns and the innocent people can be safe as well.
Here is a simple solution using technology that is already available. Infact Google and many others have all the pieces. The basic premise is to have GPS enabled smart chips in all the guns, so that an independent non-government entity can monitor the location of each gun all the time. Then you create safe zones on the map where the guns shouldn't enter. These are like your electronic virtual metal detectors. As soon as the monitoring service detects a dangerous situation, for example an assault rifle close to the Sandy Hook Elementary school, the monitoring service, much like a 911 service calls the police and brings safety to school. Atleast we can minimize the dangers from legally owned guns.
I can see everyone screaming: we cannot have government monitoring our guns every where they go. Where is my privacy? Actually by having private companies like Google operate these monitoring service, and making sure that the location information is secure and used to invoke law enforcement in situations of danger, we can do this without invading anyone's privacy.
The reality is that with today's location intelligence technologies we can implement a general system for preventing any kind of dangerous equipment / materials from entering places where the potential for accidents is unacceptable. +Barack Obama Joe Biden Blog - Is this possible?
Let us prevent the next Sandy Hook or the Cinema shooting or....

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